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President: Mike Licata
                (603) 475-1884

Vice President: Ken Wildman
                        (413) 768-9546

Treasurer: Sean McClure
                 (508) 797-0023

Secretary:  Georgia Barry
                  (978) 621-9270

Board of Directors:

Chip Orcutt
           (978) 563-5470
Ben Fitzpatrick
           (207) 229-5257

Brian Ober
           (508) 259-7583

  Southern New England 

Farrier's Association

---Check out the new Facebook page!---

Tim Mcphee did a great contest prep clinic at our April meeting, thank you Tim and Jim Smith for hosting!  Tim also made a number of example shoes, all of them except the plain stamped ones.  THESE  ARE NOT THE SPECIMENS, but pictures of them are now available for download as a good starting place for practice:
May 3rd and 4th is our contest and clinic.  The clinic is open to anyone, copetitor or not, but reserved to ten spots.

The New, Updated version of the 2014 Class list is now available for download!  Our judge, Mark Schneider will be posting pictures of his specimen shoes on our Facebook page as they are made.

Congratulations to Jim Smith, CJF for winning the Vern Hornquist class at the 2014 AFA Convention in Reno, NV and also on his election to the Board of Directors as our new Region 5 represetative!

Jim competing in the 2014 Vern Hornquist class:
Jim Smith competes in the Vern Hornquist class

     SNEFA has decided to publish a list of member farriers on this website.  It will include names, telephone numbers, email addresses (if available) and town.  The issue came about because Mass Equine Clinic contacted us, looking for a list they could put on their website.  All of the members at the meeting felt it was a definite perk to have their names listed.  So, if you are a member and DO NOT WANT TO BE LISTED, contact Georgia and let her know.