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AFA 2023 Convention Day 2!

Day 2 here in Reno and it has been awesome to watch some amazing competitions and to hear some great presentations.

Key Insights:

Diego Almeida, CJF, TE, EE, FE, AWCF, co-presented on The Impact of Heel Wedges on Gait Kinematics & Hoof Morphology in Horses

Loved Diego's rant and the use of the term "Psychological lameness" which he defined as the lameness the horse has vs the lameness the owner wants the horse to have!

Check out the image below for some key results from the study.

Key Highlights:

Competitions were INTENSE today. Check out some of the pics below to see the Open Specialty and 2 Man Draft competitions!

Key Resources:

Jim Poor, CJF gave a great demo on tong making - Design & Function: Tong Forging

Check out of one of his Youtube videos if you want an idea of what this presentation was all about.

AFA offers hands on stations with pre-certification instructors which all attendees can take advantage of.

Eric was awesome and gave Teagen some great tips.

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