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2024 SNEFA Shoe List, Contest Itinerary and Registration Reminder

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

January 1st is your deadline to sign up for this awesome event.

Reach out to Katie today to secure your place. You can call her at 603-660-8126 or drop an email at Read on for all the awesome details...


January 26th and 27th at 50 Station Rd, Amherst, MA 01002 (Snow Date March 8/9).

Individual Shoe building and live horse classes on Friday, Two Man teams Saturday.

Key note: Jeremy Scudder, CJF

Jeremy was born and raised on a livestock and horse farm in Maryland, NY, and learned to ride at a couple of years old. His childhood farrier encouraged him to take on the trade, and in 2007, at 16 years old, he gave it a go, becoming immediately hooked. In 2009 he attended and graduated from the Cornell Farrier Program, and started apprenticing close to home, building his business, and competing in local Farrier contests. Jeremy passed his AFA Certified test in 2011, and passed the AFA Journeyman test in 2012, as well as started competing in WCB events. In 2013 he was sent to England for the 3 month AFA Cultural Exchange, and upon returning began competing at the AFA Convention in 2014, to then make the American Farrier’s Team in 2015 and 2016. At Convention 2016 Jeremy was winner of the Capewell Cup and Reserve National Champion. He has also shod racehorses in the Caribbean multiple times, but prefers to maintain his customer list in NY shoeing dressage, hunt seat, barrel racing, pleasure, some draft, and trail horses. Fly fishing, bird hunting, hiking, and occasional trail riding take up much of his personal time shared with his now 6 year old son, family, and friends.

Contest Itinerary:

Friday - January 26, 2024

12pm- Lunch, with a talk from Mike Berhle. Mike runs Windham County Strength and will present on the benefits of strength training for farrier soundness.

130pm- Two man live horse class

330pm- Class 1, Surprise shoe class

Saturday - January 27, 2024

9am- Jeremy Demo/Talk

1030am- Class 2

12pm- Lunch

1pm-Class 3

230pm- Live Horse Classes

5pm- Awards

All shoeing competition pictures are available in this blog: 2024 SNEFA Shoe List Update and Contest Itinerary

Novice Division

Class 1- Surprise shoe 20 minutes

Class 2- Pair of lateral support hinds, quarter clipped, made from Kerckhaert Standards size 1. Fullered and hammer boxed lateral branch. 60 minutes

Class 3- Front inverted Bar shoe made from size 2 Kerckhaert Standard, 2 extra toe nails fullered and punched. Plus 1 front saucer/salad bowl shoe, Size 1 Kerckhaert Standard. 60 minutes.

“Shoeing” Class- Fit a hoof plate with a keg shoe, and forge 1 front plain stamped shoe 12”x3/8x3/4. 70 minutes. *You take the hoof plate you use home.

Intermediate Division

Class 1- Surprise shoe 20 minutes

Class 2- Pair of ¾ fullered hinds, no clips. 11 ½’x3/8x3/4 hammer finished. 60 minutes

Class 3- Whip around/inverted front barshoe plain stamped, 6 nails, 14”x3/8x3/4. Also forge 1 front sidebone, medial fuller, 12”x3/8x3/4 6 nails. 60 minutes.

Live Shoeing- Plain stamped on the foot, appropriate clips. Specimen shoe is concave front with rolled toe and side clips 12”x3/8x3/4 6 nails. 70 Minutes.

Open Division

Class 1- Surprise shoe 20 minutes.

Class 2- Pair of hind brushing shoes lateral trailered heel caulk, medial feather. Fullered lateral heel to inside toe, 5 nails. 12 ½”x3/8x3/4. 60 minutes.

Class 3- Heartbar front feather fullered, rolled rocker toe, 6 nails 16”x3/8x3/4. Also forge Wedge front shoe fully fullered toe clip 6 nails 11”x1/2x3/4. 60 minutes.

Live shoeing- ¾ fullered on the foot, appropriate clips. Specimen is HAMMER FINISHED ¾ fullered massoulette clipped hind shoe, clips NOT drawn. 11 1/2”x3/8x1. 70 minutes.

Two Man Live Horse

**Correction** - the two man live shoeing class is a "free for all" format, not each responsible for a foot. Only 2 feet must be done, not the whole horse. Plain stamp toe clipped front, ¾ fullered quarter clipped hinds, with appropriate nails. 75 mn, No specimen shoe.

Hot starts allowed every class, use appropriate nails unless specified.

Pre-Registration December 29th - secures a horse and a t-shirt.

Entry fee: $250/novice and $350 for all others

Special thank you to all of our sponsors!

  • Prizes are rolling in, thanks to Kahn Forge for sponsoring the nails and an awesome box of prizes.  Wellshod has delivered with 4 gift certificates, River Bottom Forge is making us novice hoof templates that competitors get to keep after the individual shoeing go. Meader's supply is providing our steel, and Horseshoes Plus and Northeast Farrier supply are providing food and prizes. We are so lucky to have great supporters.

Northeast farrier supply


Silverback Forge




Kahn Forge

River Bottom Forge

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