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FAQs for 2024 Winter Shoeing Contest

You will find all the pertinent facts about the contest in this blog. We will update it throughout the week. Let us know if you don't see something answered here and we'll get it updated or point you to the information.

Q: What are the dates and location for the 2024 SNEFA Contest?**

A: The contest will be held on January 26th and 27th at 50 Station Rd, Amherst, MA 01002. Thank you Ali Ingellis, owner of Amherst Equestrian center, for hosting us and Mill Valley Veterinary clinic for providing our vet services. Activities start at 10AM on Friday. In case of snow, the alternate dates are March 8th and 9th.

Q: Where should I park?

This is an aerial view of the venue. Attendees can follow the black line to the indoor. Spectators can park in the yellow highlighted area.

Q: Are there any restrictions on bringing pets to the contest?**

A: Yes, attendees are requested not to bring dogs to the contest as the host, Amherst Equestrian Center, has an intact male dog on the farm.

Q: Who are the sponsors and will there be prizes?

A: Kahn, Silverback, Kurt Fisk, Matt Marti, Wellshod, Werkman, Mark Thorkildson are providing prizes. FPD and Riverbottom forge are sponsoring the novice division.

Meaders supply is donating our steel

Horseshoes+ and Northeast Farrier Supply are getting us lunch and prizes,

Q: What is the schedule?**


- January 26

10am- Talk from Vincent Tanner, a power lifter. Topic is how strength training keeps farriers sounder.

1130am jeremy talk/demo over lunch

130pm- Class 1, Surprise shoe class

330pm- Two man live horse class 

- January 27

9am- Jeremy Demo/Talk

1030am- Class 2

12pm- Lunch

1pm-Class 3

230pm- Live Horse Classes

5pm- Awards

Q: Who is the keynote speaker for the event?**

A: Jeremy Scudder, CJF, a highly experienced farrier with a rich background in the field, will be the keynote speaker.

Q: Will there be food and snacks?

A: Rob Cilley is providing lunch on Friday and Vinny (Northeast Farrier Supply) is providing us lunch on Saturday. Coffee and tea will also be available.

Q: What is the format for the Two Man Live Horse class?**

A: It's a "free for all" format where only 2 feet must be done, not the whole horse.

Q: Are there any specific rules regarding shoeing in the contest?**

A: Hot starts are allowed in every class, and participants should use appropriate nails unless specified otherwise. Sanding is allowed.

Q: Where can I find pictures from the shoeing competition?**

A: Pictures are available on the SNEFA blog

Q: What are the different divisions and their respective classes in the contest?**

A: There are Novice, Intermediate, and Open divisions, each with different classes including surprise shoe, live shoeing, and various specific shoe forging tasks.

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