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SNEFA 2024 Contest and Clinic Updates

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

We're still rolling right along with preparation for the upcoming contest and clinic. We have quite a few things that are happening info wise today, so here we go...

  1. Pre-registration reminder - anyone that wants to compete at the contest must pre-register by January 1st. Contact Katie Panos at 603-660-8126 or

  2. Shout out to Ali Ingellis and Amherst Equestrian Facility for use of her indoor and stalls.

  3. Rob and Horseshoes+ will be present at the contest. Please place any orders you want to pick up at the contest by January 1st. He will be coming with last minute contest needs. Rob is also feeding us through the contest! Thank you Rob!

  4. Christine Meader of Meader's Supply will be donating steel this year, Thank you Christine!

  5. Hotels in Amherst or Hadley will be 15 minutes from the venue. The Amherst Chamber of commerce has a list of hotels to check out.

  6. The remaining sponsors will be donating prizes to the contest, we will keep you posted as we get additional generous contributors and as the prizes start arriving.

  7. Kahn Forge will be providing prizes and a spread of nails for contest use.

  8. Shoe pictures will arrive this weekend! Check in or keep an eye on our Facebook page!

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