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SNEFA annual meeting and hammer in

We got together on Saturday to hang out, hash out some business and to do some forging. It was a good turnout. The weather was pretty cooperative and the venue was perfect. We have a new slate of officers, kind of a bitter sweet moment, and a new venture for some. there were a couple of new faces and many that we have been around for a while. We lI’ve to see both.

We would like to introduce our newest officers to SNEFA!

President: Michael Paparo

Vice President: Katie Panos

Secretary: Jamie Badeau

Treasurer: Billy McMahon

And Board of Directors: Allyson Garcia, Jack Trainor and Ally LeGeyt

We look forward to doing our part to keep our association going strong! And we would like to thank all of officers that came before us for doing such a great job. We look forward to the opportunity.

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